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Does Your Daughter Listen to “A New Found Glory”? - Christwire

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

“NFG” (which also stands for “Never Follow God”)

emo stands for “enter my orifice””

"this band’s pure agenda is to enter their crave rockets into as many moist camel hump orifices as possible."

 intentions of impregnating young females with their demonic sperm seeds.”

This is all a ploy to get your daughters to their concerts, so they can brainwash them and make their bodies start boiling with sex tensions and tantalizing sinful moisture in their private area”


There is also a small chance that your daughter maybe “M-ing” herself at night with a house hold item while listening to this black magic sex music. Your daughter is also at a higher risk of performing a anal sex sin docking act”

they would sing their lyrics of anal sex, drugs, orgies and other necromatic deviancies.”

enticing your daughter’s baby holes with tingly feelings of sexual sin and fleshy sex poles of pre-martial penetration.”

“New Found Glory” Holes”